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How to Make Evergreen Wedding Favors and Table Settings (page 2 of 2)

Learn how to make budget wedding favors using recycled jars, wrapping paper and evergreen tree saplings.

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Decorate With Paper and Ribbons

Cut pieces of wrapping paper to size to go around the jar. Glue the paper to the jar and then along seam (Image 1).

Wrap a large ribbon around the jar (a dot of glue on the back helps keep it in place). Then add a smaller ribbon intertwining the bows (Image 2).

Create Tag

Make a tag for each favor, and include instructions on how to plant the sapling and how to take care of it. The flip side of the tag can be used to assign guests to a table number. Brown card stock found at craft stores works best. Use mailing labels on Word to create the tags, then print them out and punch a hole in corner for twine.

Tag the Sapling

Attach the tags with twine to the jars.

Courtesy of Susan Teare

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