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How to Make a Wreath From Chicken Wire and Feathers (page 1 of 2)

To make this unusual and rustic wreath, wrap salvaged chicken wire around a wooden ring, then embellish it with colorful feathers and craft birds.

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Courtesy of Susan Teare

This easy-to-make wreath took little time and money. Salvaged chicken wire was used to create petals around the wreath. Then we dressed the wreath with feathers and birds, but you can dress it with almost anything.

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Materials and Tools:

wire cutters
heavy-duty stapler
hot glue gun
salvaged chicken wire
flat wooden wreath form (12- or 6-inch)
craft chickens
white spray paint
22-gauge floral wire

Paint the Ring

Spray-paint the wooden ring and let it dry.

Cut the Wire Into Strips

Cut chicken wire into wide strips using wire cutters. Make the strips long enough — about 12 to 14 inches — so you can bend them into big U-shaped petals.

Cutting wire

Twist and Loop

Twist the strips to be almost like a ribbon.

Feather Wreath Construction

Attach Loops to Ring

Staple the strips in petal shapes all the way around wooden wreath form. If necessary, use a hammer to secure the staples.

Feather Wreath Construction
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