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How to Make a Travel Pet Bed Out of a Picnic Basket (page 1 of 2)

This portable pet bed is perfect for the car, an office dog or an overnight trip.

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Courtesy of Susan Teare

This portable pet carrier is easy to make and doesn't cost a lot in materials. The mesh top is removable so the basket can be used for an outing or at home as a pet bed.

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Materials and Tools:

hot glue gun
sewing machine and black thread
picnic basket with handles
1 pillow case or pillow coverlet
1 plastic tablecloth
stuffing or scrap material for bedding
1 yard of mesh material for the cover
wood craft letters (dog's name)
1 small safety pin
1/2" elastic

Make the Water-Resistant Basket Liner

Fold a plastic tablecloth in half and lay it on your workspace. Place the basket upside down on top of the tablecloth and use a pen to mark the size of the basket on the tablecloth. Cut the tablecloth (double-sided) at least 3 inches larger than the marking to allow for the seam and stuffing. Sew the two pieces together almost all the way; leave an opening to add the stuffing. Then sew that last piece together.

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