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How to Make a Table Using Old Wood Soda Crates (page 1 of 2)

Learn how to make a shadow-box-style table using antique printer boxes and wood soda crates.

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Courtesy of Susan Teare

We found four wood boxes at a resale shop, attached them, then added a table base. The boxes were filled with trinkets and mementos, then topped with tempered glass.

Materials and Tools:

drill and 1/8" for counter sinking and a Phillips-head bit
chop saw
jigsaw or circular saw
tape measure
clamps (small and large)
(4) vintage wooden soda boxes (same height, width and length)
scrap piece of plywood
(4) 2x2s for the legs (hardwood)
(4) 2x4s for table rim
wood screws (2", 1" and 1/2")
red paint and paintbrush
tempered glass top
clear pads for in between glass and wood boxes
scrap wood pieces for clamping

Find the Pieces

Lay the wooden boxes together and measure to determine the exact size of the table. Cut a scrap piece of plywood to be 1 inch less (on all sides) than the boxes.

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