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How to Make a Table From an Old Suitcase (page 1 of 2)

A vintage suitcase and four salvaged spindles are put together to make a stylish end table.

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Vintage suitcase table

Courtesy of Susan Teare

Materials and Tools:

Phillips screwdriver
hammer and a long skinny nails
nail punch
drill and screws
chop saw
paint, sealer and paintbrush
a flat-bottom vintage suitcase or trunk — square or rectangle
salvaged/vintage spindles for the legs
piece of plywood to use as a base, approximately 2/3" smaller than the suitcase
salvaged piece of trim a little more than enough to wrap and the suitcase
L brackets (8)
wood filler

Create the Table Base

Make the base for the legs to attach to and the suitcase to sit upon. Measure suitcase and then cut piece of plywood slightly smaller (about 2/3") than the suitcase.

furniture construction

Attach the Legs

Place legs/spindles at the four corners of the plywood and place two L brackets on each leg, then screw them into place.

table leg
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