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How to Make a Mudroom Bench Using Old Kitchen Cabinets (page 3 of 3)

Try this easy project to create storage and seating by turning old kitchen cabinets into a bench.

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Marry the Two Cabinets

Place cabinets next to each other and ensure they are level with each other. Adjust the feet if necessary by sanding down the feet.

Cut the Bench Top

To get the measurements for the bench top, measure top of the cabinets then add 2 inches to the front and the two sides so you'll have a lip around the edge. Use a circular saw to cut the top. We used a piece of salvaged wood.

Finish the Bench Top

Sand edges of the bench top and finish as desired. We used wood stain.

Attach the Bench Top to the Cabinets

Place the top on the cabinets and make sure it is centered and square. Insert a screw into the corners of the cabinets. Make sure the screw hits the scrap wood pieces underneath and not the edge of the cabinet. Slightly countersink the screws.

Fill Nail Holes

Fill wood screw holes with wood filler. Let dry and sand.

Seal the Top

Add a protective sealer to the bench top. Use at least three coats and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Joanne Palmisano is the author of Salvage Secrets (W.W. Norton, September 2011). Visit her blog, also called Salvage Secrets.

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