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How to Make a Mudroom Bench Using Old Kitchen Cabinets (page 1 of 3)

Try this easy project to create storage and seating by turning old kitchen cabinets into a bench.

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We repurposed two kitchen cabinets that normally go above a refrigerator into a handy entryway bench with extra shoe storage.

Materials and Tools:

drill and 1-1/2" or 2" wood screws
circular saw
tape measure and a level
two kitchen cabinets (that go above refrigerator).
scrap wood pieces (1" to 2" square)
salvaged piece of wood for the top approximately 65" x 13-1/2"
wood beam about 3" square
wood stain (optional) and shellac/sealer
wood glue
wood filler

Paint the Cabinets

Sand, prime and paint the cabinets (Images 1 and 2).

Level the Top of the Cabinets

Cut the scrap wood to 3- to 4-inch blocks. Rip them down so they will sit level with the top of the bench. This is to provide a level surface for the bench top. Use wood glue to attach scraps to the top corners of the cabinets (Image 1). Make sure they are even with the top of the edge of the cabinets — do not go over it (Image 2).

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