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How to Make a Midcentury-Modern Christmas Wreath (page 2 of 3)

Learn how to make this modern, atomic-age interpretation of the classic door wreath.

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Drill Spoke Holes

Use a 3/16” drill bit to make a hole at each of the 12 marks, 3/4” deep. Use masking tape on the drill bit to make a stop so you drill to a consistent depth.

Cut Center Hole

Use a compass to draw a 3” circle on the disk, make it a bit off center, but be sure there is at least 7/8” of wood on all sides. Cut out the hole with a jigsaw or use a 3” forstner bit or hole saw.

Make the Satellites

For the little satellites that orbit the center disk, we used 1-1/2” hardwood wheels found in the unfinished wood section of the craft store or hobby shop. If you can’t find these, make your own by cutting a 1-1/2” dowel rod into 3/4” disks.

The wheels come with a small hole for an axle, but we decided to drill this out to 3/4” to make the piece appear lighter, and to echo the wreath motif. Place each disk into a clamp to keep your fingers safe, then drill a 3/4” hole through each of the satellite circles. Don’t worry about being exactly on center since symmetry is not part of the look. Make sure you leave at least 3/8” on one side to accept the dowels.

Drill Dowel Holes in Satellites

Use a 3/16” drill bit to make a 1/4” hole on one side of each of the satellite disks for dowel spokes.