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How to Make a Headboard from Salvaged Wood (page 1 of 2)

Salvaged planks are lined up to make a headboard and a family photo is mounted in the center.

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Wood Headboard with Photo

Courtesy of Susan Teare

This photo-frame headboard will allow you to easily change the theme or look of your room. Just swap out the photo with new artwork -- try displaying children's paintings, vintage maps or original paintings.

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Materials and Tools

chop saw
bucket, scrub brush and water/bleach
drill and screws (size depends on thickness of your piece -- see below)
level, measuring tape and a stud finder
salvaged wood
art canvas and a print or photograph
sealer — varnish


1. Determine the size of your headboard.

2. Find random width pieces of salvaged wood. Use different species to get a varied look.

3. Cut the wood to lengths that are almost the same in height. Sand and clean.

4. Randomly layout the pieces until you reach your desired width of the headboard (image below).

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