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How to Make a Haunted Hotel Sign for Halloween

Elegant, understated and a little bit spooky: This Halloween, creep out your house guests with a haunted hotel sign.

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Susan Teare

Make It If You Dare

For this creepy project, you will need a vintage architectural post; a wood corbel; 2 pieces of 12" x 15" plywood; wood screws; crows, owls and bats to accessorize the sign; white exterior-grade paint; sandpaper; 1" and 2” alphabet stencils; black paint (craft size); a small artist paintbrush; 8 teacup-holder hooks (with screw-style ends); 2 feet of white link chain; a small-size drill and drill bits; a jigsaw; measuring tape; a ruler; and wire cutters. Note: When picking out vintage post, make sure there is a flat section in the post so you can attach the corbel against it. Also, when picking out the corbel, be sure it has a straight 90-degree angle. Some corbels are tilted for porch roofs.



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