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How to Make a Floor Lamp Out of Snack Tins (page 2 of 2)

A stack of cookie and popcorn cans is turned into a unique lamp, perfect for a kitchen, dining room or anywhere.

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Drill and Stack Tins

Drill a hole through the top and bottom of all the tins. Place the threaded pipe through the bottom tin — the lamp's base (Image 1). Add the nut to bottom to secure, then stack the rest of the tins onto the threaded pipe (Image 2).

Run Wire

Cover end of the threaded pipe with the copper sleeve. Leave 1/2 inch of threaded pipe for lamp kit connector. The connector threads on top of the rod to compress the whole assembly together. Feed wire (you may need to wrap electrical tape around the end of the wire to get it through the pipe) from the bottom up to the top of the pipe. Place on lamp harp. Insert the socket and connect the wiring according to the manufacturer's instructions. Add energy efficient light bulb and lampshade.

Joanne Palmisano is the author of Salvage Secrets (W.W. Norton, September 2011). Visit her blog, also called Salvage Secrets.

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