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How to Make a Cottage-Style Yarn Ball Wreath (page 3 of 3)

We made this nautical-inspired wreath two different ways. The first version is adorned with Christmas ornaments for the holidays, and the other version we left natural so we can display it throughout the rest of the year.

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Give It a Little Holiday Glitz

Alternate ornaments with the yarn balls to give your wreath some holiday spirit. You will have to hot-glue the ornaments unless they are also made of Styrofoam. When the holidays are over, pull off the ornaments and replace with the yarn or twine balls.

If desired, add a large ornament to hang in the center of the wreath. We also added glitter to our starfish to give our wreath some extra holiday sparkle.

Add Hanging Ribbon

Decide which side is the top. Slide the ribbon under the foam balls and secure with a knot at the top of the foam wreath and then a second knot higher up, where it will hang.

Hang It Up

Hang up the wreath. If there are any bare spots or holes, add some more balls or shells. For extra sturdiness, once everything is in place, dab some hot glue on any loose spots.

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