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How to Make a Cottage-Style Yarn Ball Wreath (page 1 of 3)

We made this nautical-inspired wreath two different ways. The first version is adorned with Christmas ornaments for the holidays, and the other version we left natural so we can display it throughout the rest of the year.

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Courtesy of Susan Teare

This coastal-style Christmas wreath is easy to make. Styrofoam balls are wrapped in twine and yarn then they are skewered onto a wreath form. Decorative rattan balls, seashells and ornaments are tucked into the mix. After the holidays are over, remove the ornaments and keep the wreath up all year.

Tools and Materials

hot glue gun
bag of wooden skewers
18" floral craft foam wreath
foam balls in a variety of sizes (we used 2", 2-1/2", 3" and 4")
1 skein (about 90 yards) of thick wool yarn (we used spearmint color)
1 skein of thinner yarn (we used sea-glass color)
1 large skein of cream-colored yarn
1 yard of burlap
decorative rattan balls
1 roll of 2" seafoam-green ribbon
Christmas ornaments and glitter
seashells including 1 large conch shell and 3 large starfish

Wrap the Wreath Form in Burlap

Cut the burlap into 3-inch strips. Use the glue gun to attach one end of the burlap strip onto the foam wreath then start wrapping the burlap all the way around the wreath. Add glue at key spots to make sure the burlap will stay in place.

Create Yarn and Twine Balls

Wrap the foam balls in yarn, mixing up the sizes and colors. Start by hot-gluing the end of the yarn to the foam ball and then wrapping the yarn around until the whole ball is covered. Cut the yarn, then glue the end of it onto the ball, tucking it underneath the already-wrapped yarn.

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