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How to Make a Coffee Table Using an Old Door (page 1 of 2)

Learn how to create a new coffee table using an old door.

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Courtesy of Susan Teare

We found the base of a coffee table and an old door at a resale shop, cleaned them up, attached them, then laid a new piece of glass on top to create a beautiful new table.

Materials and Tools:

circular saw
tape measure
shop vacuum
dark wax
mask and gloves
L-brackets (4)
glass top

Find the Pieces

Explore secondhand shops and salvage yards to find exactly the right pieces. Carefully measure the door to make sure that it is wide enough to have a 2-inch overhang on the sides of the coffee table. Paint or refinish the base as desired.

Prep the Door

Clean and sand the door to get rid of loose paint and dirt. (Please follow lead laws if you believe you may be working with lead-based paint.)

Cut the Door to Size

Determine the exact size of the door. You may want to have a slight overhand all the way around the table base. Use a circular saw to cut the door down.

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