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How to Make a Candle Platform Centerpiece (page 1 of 2)

An elegant centerpiece was made inexpensively with sheet metal, scrap wood, wire and some decorative candles.

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Courtesy of Susan Teare

Materials and Tools

drill with metal drill bits
flat-head screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver
piece of salvaged sheet metal — around 24 gauge.
piece of scrap wood (about 10 inches wide)
metal screws (1-1/2 to 2 inches)
large candles (various sizes)
floral wire, 22 gauge
black magic marker

Bend Metal Piece

1. Cut the piece of wood to just two inches shorter than the length of your centerpiece. For a 42" x 10" centerpiece, cut the wood to 40".

2. Pick up a piece of scrap metal (make sure it can bend) at a metal shop. Ours was cut to 42" x 16". Make sure to leave at least three extra inches so it can fold over the sides of the wood.

3. Lay the sheet metal facedown. Place the board in the middle of the metal and use a flat head screwdriver to score along the edges that will be folded.

Scoring metal

4. Turn the piece around and carefully hammer along the edge to help bend it over the sides.

Hammering metal

5. Turn it back around again and pull the edges in together. Carefully fold up the edge. They will not be totally flat until they are hammered along the edges. Hammer carefully.

6. Hammer the back until it lays the way you want. Turn it over to check the results.

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