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How to Build and Install a Headboard Frame

The most thrilling part of building a headboard from scratch is customizing the shape and size to suit your aesthetic and space. Learn three different ways to construct a headboard frame and how to hang a headboard on the wall.

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Basic Headboard Frame

Before you upholster a headboard, you need to construct a solid frame. Here we will show you how to make three different styles of frames: a basic shape like this one, a two-dimensional headboard and a wing-back headboard. The tools and materials you'll need are 3/4" plywood, paper, permanent marker or pencil, fabric, scissors, square, yardstick, nail, hammer, string, goggles, jigsaw, electric screwdriver and attachments, screws, sander, wood glue, panelboard, staple gun and staples, bolts, washers and nuts, a level, painter's tape and a cleat or Z bracket (we used Carina Picture Frame Inc.).



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