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Free Downloadable Subversive Cross Stitch Pattern

Do you say this to yourself every time you use a wrench or turn on the garden hose? Most people do. Download this pattern, spend some therapeutic time stitching it together, then hang it in a handy spot so you’ll never forget again.

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Find the Center

Cut a piece of fabric a bit larger than the pattern, at least 8” x 10”. Find the approximate center of the pattern by following the small black arrows on the edge of the pattern grid. You can fold the paper both vertically and horizontally or mark the center with a pen. Then find the approximate center of the fabric by folding the same way and leaving a deep crease in the center. This method is called counted cross-stitch, as you literally count the squares in the material and replicate the pattern. Plan to begin stitching something that's near the center of the pattern. Working this way (from the center out) will ensure that you don't stitch right off the material.



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