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Enhancing A Home Theater Experience (page 2 of 3)

Follow these tips to find out how interior-design elements can improve a home theater experience.

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Furniture for Your Home Theater

  • When it comes to furniture for a home theater, you can find expensive, high-quality cabinets to house gear. For the DIYer on a budget, equipment cabinets don't have to be made of expensive wood or have a fine finish.
  • For the DIY project home theater, build a simple plywood cabinet to go under the screen to house the subwoofers. Place a hinged door frame covered with acoustic fabric on the front of the cabinet so sound to pass through. Paint the cabinet black.
  • If you can, place the receiver, DVD player and other gear in another room. By being in another room, it cuts down on acoustic interference from cooling fans and other sounds from the equipment.
  • Media storage cabinets are best placed in the back of the room. They'll be out of sight from the viewing positions and also double as acoustic absorbers for sound waves bouncing around the back of the room.