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Easy Sewing Project: How To Make a Log Carrier

Make life a little simpler this winter with a handy log lugger. This easy-to-make project incorporates a couple layers of heavy-duty outdoor fabric and a couple of wood dowels for the handles.

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Assemble Lugger

Pin the two 22” x 9” pieces of the outside patterned fabric to each of the 22-inch sides of the non-patterned fabric, pretty to pretty. Stitch 1/2” in from the edge for both pieces. Now your whole outside piece should be the same size as your lining. Pin two handles to each top edge, two inches from the edge of the fabric. Match the raw edges of the handles to the raw edge of the fabric. Pin the lining to the outside piece, pretty to pretty, and sew around the entire case, leaving a 5-inch hole or opening on one side, not a corner.



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