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Doll Wigging

Most people think of doll hair as permanent, but doll wigs can be made not only from human hair but also from a wide vareity of other materials.

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unique objects used for doll wigs

Here are some of the materials that can be used to make doll wigs:

Christmas tinsel
Easter-basket filling
upholstery fringe
silk flowers
autumn leaves
ribbon bows
plastic netting
curling ribbon
packing peanuts
chenille yarn
dyed mohair

Here's how to make a doll wig that can be used again and again.

Materials and Tools:

light fabric pen
plastic wrap
craft glue, preferably a product that dries flexible and transparent
wig material (any of the materials listed above)
doll head


1. Make a wig base by marking a hairline on the doll's head, using a light fabric pen.

2. Cover the head with plastic wrap.

3. Trim the edges according to the marked hairline to form a wig base.

4. Cover the wig base with craft glue.

5. Place wig material on the wet glue, and allow to dry thoroughly. The doll wig is ready to use.


Materials and Tools:

black pantyhose
needle and thread
decorative beads


1. Cut one leg of the pantyhose crosswise to form 2" rings.

2. Stretch each ring sideways. This will make the raw edges fold in, and the rings will become long and narrow.

3. Line up the several rings side by side, and using a medium sewing machine stitch, stitch across all the rings halfway from end to end.

4. Glue the rings to the doll's head, placing the seam in the center as the part in the hair.

5. Embellish by sliding pony beads onto the ends of the rings.

To make red dreadlocks, dye white or tan pantyhose with red dye.