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DIY Wedding Planning: 8 Tips for Timing and Logistics (page 2 of 2)

Find tips on the best time of day to get married, optimum seating layouts, and how to properly time hair and makeup.

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7. What shape table should I choose? If you want to simplify your centerpieces, go with a rectangular table. On a standard 36-inch-wide table, dinnerware will take up one foot of depth per person, leaving a foot of empty space between two people seated across from each other. That's just enough space for an elegant row of votive candles and a runner, which is an inexpensive and chic look Annie loves.

"With round tables, there's more real estate in the middle," Annie says. Go round if you envision fancy floral centerpieces — but don't block guests' sightlines. Tall centerpieces are OK, but make sure you can see through or around the bottom.

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8. What's the best bang for my decorating buck? Speaking of burning questions, you can't go wrong with candles for a timeless and romantic effect, Annie says. But if you put them at the ends of your pews, make sure they're enclosed. "Someone always kicks one over," Annie says. "Mark it down."

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