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Bridal Veil and Headpiece

Making a bridal veil not only saves money, it also allows you to design the veil you want and integrate the wedding theme to your attire.

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wrap flowers,pearls and leaves with floral tape

Materials and Tools:
28-gauge cloth-covered wire
White floral tape
Cloth flowers and leaves
Circular pearl stems
Long pearl stems

Base of the Headpiece

  1. Cut three lengths of 28-gauge cloth-covered wire approximately 15" long. Wrap them together by twisting floral tape around all three the entire length of the wire. Bring the ends together to form a circle. Pinch the circle together, forming a figure 8, and wrap the center with floral tape.

  2. Make two more figure-8 loops slightly smaller than the first. Place the three loops side by side, with the two smaller loops on either side of the larger one. Wrap the three loops together with floral tape around the centers of all three loops. This forms the base of the headpiece to fit around the bride's head.

    Floral Decorations

  3. Place stems of cloth flowers, pearl loops and leaves together, and wrap with floral tape. Use small white flowers, larger flowers and small and large leaves, as desired.

  4. Make two floral sprays of your own design. Place the flower portion of one spray to one side and one to the opposite side, with stems in the center. Wrap the stems together with floral tape. Tape the flowers to the center of the headpiece base.
    1. For the bride's comfort, lightweight flexible wire is used for the headpiece.

    2. If you wish to use fresh flowers, wrap a small piece of cotton moistened with water along the stem. Secure the cotton with floral tape to keep the flowers fresh.

    3. Add to the headpiece any type of decoration that coordinates with the bridal theme.

    4. The cost of a purchased bridal veil ranges from $150 to $300, depending on the length. The cost of making your own is $30 to $50.

    Additional Embellishments

    Materials and Tools:
    Purchased veil or tulle
    Super GlueB. Gel
    1/4" satin ribbon
    Pearls (individual)
    Circular pearl stems
    Long pearl stems
    Lily-of-the-valley garland
    Pearl garland

    1. Purchase a veil of the desired length. Some have fishing line stitched to the tulle at the edges to give them a curly look. Run a gathering stitch down the center of the tulle, and pull to gather the veil to attach to the headpiece.

    2. Add satin-ribbon bows by tying a two-loop bow from 12" of 1/4" satin ribbon. Add a drop of Super Glue Gel to the veil, and glue the bow in place. Glue a pearl in the center of the bow.


      • Floral-tape a pearl and lily-of-the-valley garland to the stem of a cloth flower to add to the headpiece.

      • Glue additional pearl loops or pearl strands to the headpiece with Super Glue Gel. This type of glue is preferred because it dries very quickly, contains less water than white glue and is not as heavy as hot glue.

      • To make a pearl starburst, place three strands of pearls together. Wrap the strands with floral tape close to the base of the pearls and down the strands about 2". Grasp the bottom of the tape, and push it up the strands toward the base of the pearls, forcing the strands to flare out and create a starburst. Trim off the excess strand ends, and glue the pearl starburst down into the folds of the veil.

      • Serge the edges of the tulle for a finished edge, or just cut the tulle and leave it unfinished.

      • Veil length is a personal choice. Try on some veils while purchasing the wedding gown to see which length is preferred.

      • Spray the entire veil with glitter for extra sparkle.