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Bridal Favors: Mini Shell Candles

Give wedding guests an elegant, romantic gift with soy wax candles nestled in real seashells.

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shell candles make romantic wedding favor

Materials and Tools:

paper or paper bags
soy wax pellets
wick and metal wick holder (both available at craft stores)
disposable pipettes (available at candle- and soap-making stores online)
small dish
old knife
tulle circles
sea-themed die-cut
rub-on letters

1. Choose the shells: shells with deeper cavities will hold more wax and burn the longest. Clean them in a mild solution of water and bleach; rinse with cold water.

2. Crumple paper or a paper bag and put in a bowl. Nestle the shell on the crumpled paper; this will stabilize the shell while you're pouring the wax.

3. Place a wick with preattached metal wick holders (great for shallow vessels) in the center of the shell.

4. Melt soy wax in the microwave, per package instructions. Use a disposable pipette to pipe wax into the shell.

5. Let the wax cool for at least 30 minutes; the surface of the wax may look hard sooner, but the wax underneath takes longer to fully harden. When dry, trim the wick.

6. Choose a sea-themed die-cut. Rub on an initial using the back of a paintbrush or a wooden craft stick. Place the candle in the center of a tulle circle, wrap the candle and attach the monogrammed die-cut to the candle with a ribbon.