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Bedroom Hotel-Style How to

You don't have to travel far to enjoy the comforts of a 5-star hotel. Create your own at-home bedroom getaway with inspiration from these chic hotel-style boudoirs.

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Photo 4 of 7Designer Baylor Anne Bone uses a combination of recessed bulbs and floor and table lamps to wash the room in soft light.

Layer the Lighting(4 of 7)

Lighting in a bedroom is often overlooked. Best bets include multiple layers operating on separate dimmer switches. You’ll need bedside reading lamps, perhaps a beautiful statement piece — like an elegant overhead chandelier — some wall sconces and a chair side lamp or two in the seating area. The layers add dimension and drama so you can adjust the mood. "If the room is large enough, it’s nice to have three points of ambient light in a triangle," says designer Corey McIntosh. For example, try two bedside lighting sources and another light diagonally across on say, a desk or within a seating area, he says. It makes the room feel balanced, warm and cozy. If you just have reading lamps it can feel cold. A big un-chic don’t: a light on a ceiling fan provides harsh glaring light. Very unsexy.

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