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5 Grown-Up Purple Interiors

From pale lilac to deep, dark eggplant, give your room design the royal treatment with purple paint colors sure to please the most grown-up and sophisticated of interiors.

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Photo 4 of 5Deep purple and brown make this guest room a cozy space. (Photo by Antoine Bootz)

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If you're uncertain about living with purple 24/7, try it in a guest room, as designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz did in this house in Miami Beach, Fla. "Because a guest only stays a few days, they can handle stronger colors," says Noriega-Ortiz, author of Emotional Rooms.

The powerful shade of purple in this guest room is the perfect backdrop for off-white accessories and a large Chinese marriage bed. And although purple is rarely used in Asian interiors, there's no denying that the rich, regal color looks perfect with this exotic piece. The unexpected color, combined with dark wood and furniture, make the room cozy and enveloping. "Purple and brown always look good together," says Noriega-Ortiz. "That combination is always rich and welcoming."

The dark shade looks especially perfect here because the room itself gets very little natural light. "I believe that dark rooms should be dark and light rooms should be light," says Noriega-Ortiz. "Never go against nature."

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