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  • House Crashers: My gutters are old and I can't afford to put new ones on my whole house. Some of the pieces have become loose at the seams. I think a few of them can be attached. Can I do that, and what's the best way?


    Yes, if the gutters are too dinged up, you should be able to repair the gutter joints. You'll need some gutter or silicone caulk. First, disassemble the gutter joint by unclipping the gutter length from the joint clip. Remove the adjacent length of gutter to give you clear access to the internal profile of the joint clip. Apply the caulk around the edge of the gutter's profile. Reassemble the joint, fixing the clips securely back in place. Wipe away any excess caulk with a cloth.

  • Yard Crashers: Me and my boyfriend are creating a new flower bed, and wanted any advice on shrubs or flowers that would look good and would last all year long. We live in Oklahoma. The flower bed would be sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much...


    Oklahoma encompasses four different zones on the hardiness map, so it's hard for me to say. My advice is to check with your local nursery, they'll know what grows best in your area. Also, ask your neighbors, if you see something nice growing in their yard, ask them about it. Everyone loves to talk about their garden!

  • Yard Crashers: My neighbor's dog keeps digging in my flower garden at the end of my driveway. I don't want to do anything cruel, but how do a keep this mangy mutt out of my garden.

    -Ned Ryerson

    Try talking to the neighbors first, explain the problem and ask them to help. If that doesn't work, try sprinkling a little cayenne pepper around the garden. The smell of the pepper will repel the animals, and if they do happen to get some on their snout, it is not harmful to animals.

  • Bath Crashers: I have a couple of cracked tiles in my shower. They are a standard size and solid color, so what I want to do is remove the cracked tiles and replace them with some patterned Mexican-style tiles. I think the random pattern will look really cool. It won't cost me a lot and I'll get a whole new look. My question is: what is the best way to remove one single tile at a time.


    Good idea. Use a grout rake to remove the grout from around the edge of the broken tile. Weaken the tile surface further by drilling a number of small holes through it. Then use a club hammer and chisel to remove sections of the broken tile. Be sure to wear gloves and protective goggles. When it comes time to add the new tile, apply tile adhesive to the back of a tile, position the tile, checking that it sits flush. Use spacers to maintain grout gaps. When dry, remove the spacers and regrout the joints.

  • Yard Crashers: I've heard bugs are not attracted to LED lights. I was thinking of investing in them for outside my home. Does anybody know this for sure?


    I've heard the same thing -- because LED lights don't emit UV light, bugs are not attracted to them. That said, I used a regular LED outside my door and still had a gathering of bugs swarming around. So, I purchased an LED bulb made especially for outdoors and it works fine.


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