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Craig Reynolds is a natural as host of DIY Network’s Classic Rides. Before he could even read, he mastered the building of models simply by looking at the pieces! As he got older, Craig moved to the garage to pursue real life assemblies and restorations, including working with his father on his BSA motorcycle. During that time, he mastered how to change the oil and he learned all about gapping spark plugs! A majority of his automotive experience he gained while working on a 1977 VW Scirocco, focusing on the suspension, intake and exhaust systems.

Craig raced BMX bikes for 23 years; recently retiring in 2004. In 1992, he joined the professional ranks and began reporting on BMX races for ESPN. He is also an analyst for ESPN’s X Games, covering Downhill BMX; commentator for NASCAR’s RaceDay and Live!; and hosted NASCAR Nation, a program that reveals the lives of NASCAR’s personalities away from the track.

When he is not working, he says he’s pretty much a gym rat, and can frequently be found doing something physical. Whether it’s riding a road or mountain bike, running, lifting weights, or teaching a Spin class, he is always moving! Golf, bowling, making upgrades to his car, and playing the drums are a few of the other things Craig also enjoys.