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Garden Sphere Mosaic

Episode DCLB-154

Mosaic artist Laurel True demonstrates how to create a one-of-a-kind garden sphere sculpture (a colorful mosaic sphere-shaped form about 18" high and round). Laurel covers a ball with a concrete-like papier-mâché, draws a design on the base and begins cutting glass and breaking tile. Next, Laurel sets the mosaic by mixing and applying mortar to the base and setting the tile and glass. Finally, Laurel demonstrates how to grout, seal and buff the sculpture completing this amazing piece of garden art.

FIELD PIECE: Papier-mâché challenge. Roving reporter Cat Greenleaf will give passers-by scissors, glue sticks and decorative papers and challenge them to create a unique design on a 6" x 6" cardboard square, ready for hanging.

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