DIY Network

African Designs

Episode DCLB-147

Guest Lisa Shepard Stewart creates a soft-sculptured hanging headboard out of burlap and African-inspired appliqués and then creates a window screen using loosely woven cotton called Kohoga. Then, Lisa makes unique table décor out of a bamboo shade and mudcloth. Lisa also demonstrates a quick and easy way to use bamboo remnants, raffia, shells and beads to embellish a plain pillar candle.

FIELD PIECE: Roving reporter Cat Greenleaf gives passers-by a compressed sponge, paint, cards and a choice of five African symbol stencils. Each person selects an African stencil and draws it on a sponge. When the compressed sponge is cut and soaked in water, it expands creating an African sponge stamp. They then dip the sponge in paint and stamp with it.


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