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Get It Together

Episode DCTL-308

Host Chris Grundy gets it all together with clamps, glues and magnets. A vise that covers all the angles, a lithium ion staple gun with a sleek new design, a new way to connect pipes without flux or solder. Plus heavy-duty magnets for all kinds of jobs, a concrete fastener with lots of firepower and a trip to the Liquid Nails factory to find out what makes it so strong.

Tools featured in this episode:

-Magnogrip Tool Belt
-Ramset Rocket Nail Gun
-Stanley Multi-angle Vise
-Arrow Staple Gun
-Ridgid Pressing Tool
-Magswitch Magnets
-EZ Grabbit
-ProCaliber Granite Repair Kit
-UFO Ballistic NailScrew
-Liquid Nails

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