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Consumer Electronics Show

Episode DCES-S12H

Tune In

  • December 13, 2013

    7:00 PM e/p

Chris Grundy hunts down the newest, coolest gadgets for at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Among the finds: A voice-activated alarm clock, portable speakers for playing your tunes, a 3D HD video camera, and new deadbolts that give you three different ways to enter your house. Plus, a fridge that cools your cans in minutes, waterproofing technology to keep your electronics safe, durable phone cases, 3D paintings, a solar-powered generator, and a hard drive, so tough, it can even withstand Dr. Megavolt! With over thirty-one exhibitors, and nearly two million square feet of floor space CES is an incredible showcase of what's new in the world of hi tech.


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