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Cool Tools Holiday Blowout

Episode DCTH-S08

What tools are on your gift list? How about a magnetic tool belt, a Swiss Army knife that holds 80 tools or a wheelbarrow with four-wheel drive? From stocking-stuffer gadgets to turbo-charged power tools, Chris Grundy rolls out some favorites on a special holiday edition of Cool Tools. But it's not just about the list - we've also got some of the latest tools to help you decorate your home for the holidays, like a innovative Christmas tree stand, a pole for stringing lights on tall outdoor trees, a tester that tells you which bulbs are burned out and an automatic tree watering system disguised in gift wrap. Chris Grundy plays Santa to bring you the best tools for the holiday season!

Tools featured in this DIY special:

-Telescoping Pruning Stik® Tree Pruner
-Black & Decker Power Scrubber
-Color Helper
-Prazi SealPro Paint Tray
-Porter Cable Tiger Claw
-Jool Tool
-Power Chisel
-Magnogrip Tool Belt
-Skil X-Bench
-Muck Truck
-Craftsman Power Handle
-Mechanix Glove Light
-Sawstop Contractor Saw
-Fastcap Saw Hood
-Swiss Army Champ XAVT
-PiViT Ladder Tool
-Stihl MS 180 C-BE Chain Saw
-Grinnen's Last Stand
-Lightkeeper Pro
-Light Keeper Storage Bag
-No-Ladder Tree Decorating Kit
-Tractor Supply Masterhand 40 in. Tool Cabinet
-NightStar Shakable Flashlight
-Gorgonz Pro 850 Exhale Gloves


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