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Chris Babcock is a highly skilled restoration carpenter, who combines his love of old homes and antiques into his everyday work. Chris started his career in commercial architecture working as a draftsman and eventually into architectural project management. A love for being more "hands on" and working in the field more than the office ultimately led to his construction business. Relocating from Montana to Indiana, his first construction projects were in general home remodeling. His business evolved rapidly, and he now specializes in historical restoration in the Midwest region.

He continues to work "hands on" in the shop every day, and also conducts seminars on the proper care and maintenance of historical residential properties to neighborhood groups and communities. His company, GC Design Build, is known for its quality work in window restoration, wood profile replication, interior element replication, and historic exterior restorations.

Restoration carpenter Chris puts it all together on DIY Network's Restoration Realities!