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Celebrity Rides: Last Duesenberg Part 5

Episode DTLD-105

After everything has been cleaned and polished they will finally paint the car. The color scheme is carefully chosen to match the conservative nature of the car but still add some character to the newly restored car. A new lubricating system is added to the car to make sure each part of the vehicle gets the proper amount of lubrication. The interior is finally finished up, the biggest challenge being the collection of just the right materials to match the original. On the rest of the car, each of the tiny parts are hand cleaned with the use of tools ranging from dental cleaning tools to a glass bead cabinet. The engine assembly is finished up and is finally ready to be placed in the chassis along with the transmission, dash, and the radiator. Because of all the hours of cleaning and hard work that has been done to make this car like new, extra care is used in re-assembly of the classic. Randy Ema enters a Duesenberg Model J Speedster in this year's Pebble Beach Councours D' Elegance and makes it to the finals.


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