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Celebrity Rides: Last Duesenberg Part 3

Episode DTLD-103

The restoration of each individual part of the disassembled Duesenberg begins. The paint comes off the car using chemical paint stripper and the car is inspected for rust or other issues that could be discovered below the layers of paint. The wood is also stripped and inspected for any rotten sections that need to be replaced. Only the unsalvageable parts are replaced the rest is sanded and refinished. They bring the frame and body over to the sandblaster to remove any of the rust that has built up over the years and when it returns it is primered, to minimize future erosion, polished and chromed. Finally, the cleaning of the springs and other parts must be painstakingly done by hand and not steam-cleaned due to hazardous waste laws that exist in the state. Randy Ema and Jay share a little a bit about the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance.


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