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Celebrity Rides: Last Duesenberg part 2

Episode DTLD-102UH

The Duesenberg disassembly continues and Jay Leno's latest treasure is scattered around the garage in a thousand pieces. At this point, Randy Ema's crew has made some major progress and it's finally time to separate the body from the chassis. With an old car like this, it's impossible to know exactly how much the body has deteriorated over the years and there's always a risk that the structure could collapse and hurt someone. As the team carefully lifts the body, the Duesenberg's massive engine comes into view for the first time. Pulling out the engine is one of the most nerve-racking steps, considering this motor weighs over half a ton and is held together by 70-year-old hardware. After the crew removes this thousand pound beast, the complicated process of engine disassembly begins.


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