DIY Network

Hollywood's Speeding Bullitt

Episode DCRB-102

The build is underway and Chad McQueen is one step closer to owning his dream car: the 1968 Bullitt Mustang. And thanks to the hard work of the crew at Gateway Classic Mustang, this heap of metal is actually starting to look like Steve McQueen's famous ride. In this episode, Chad McQueen and Matt Stone discuss the legacy of Steve McQueen and his current relevance to car-lovers around the world. Back at the shop, Jason and Lonny Childress guide us through the process of installing the suspension, test fitting the new engine and transmission, and mounting the glass. All this is exciting, but the car really comes alive when the body finally gets its signature "Highland" green paintjob. We also take a look at Ford's anniversary editions of the Bullitt Mustang.


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