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Waldo Canyon Fire Renovation

Episode HCATI-102T3H

Raging wildfires forced the Dougherty family to quickly evacuate their Colorado home. Glenn, Lindsay and their four children escaped the hot and windy temperatures just in time. Fearing the worst, the Doughertys knew they would never see their hillside home again, only to receive a phone call the next day to find out that their home was still standing. The Colorado Springs fire department faced the immeasurable odds and saved the Dougherty's home from the intense flames. However, the family's home was not in the condition that they left it in. Ferocious heat, smoke, and water damage have destroyed much of the Dougherty's home. The Catastrophe Inc. team, Joe Charboneau, Ed Ranieri and Enzo Maddalena, arrive to clean up the damage and rebuild the Dougherty's home. Interior designer Kari Openshaw creates fun spaces for the children and gives the family a stunning living room sanctuary.


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