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State College Car Crash

Episode DCATI-110H

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  • August 28, 2014

    8:30 AM e/p

The Catastophe Inc team rebuilds the home of Brian Algeo and Dara Sanoubane. The young couple was living in their small home in State College, PA with their 3-week-old son, Max. when a high-speed police car chase ended with an automobile crashing into the living room. The front door, living room walls and ceiling were completely destroyed, along with the family's sense of security. First time parents Brian and Dara were terrified that their newborn child had narrowly avoided this accident. That combined with the looming astronomical repair costs left the couple lost, confused and unable to return to their home. Disaster experts Ed, Enzo and Joe, along with interior designer Kari swoop in and save the day. They give the family a brand new living room, kitchen, nursery and front porch, as well a beautiful and preventative landscaping. The new additions provide extra layers of protection from any future out-of-control vehicles, so the Algeo's can feel safe in their home.


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