DIY Network

Mississippi Twister

Episode DCATI-112H

Tune In

  • September 16, 2014

    2:30 PM e/p

The Catastophe Inc team takes young newlyweds Jeff and Ashlie West from disaster house to dream home. When an F-4 tornado hit Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the West's first home was destroyed. The storm tore off the roof and ripped their master bedroom completely off the house. In the wake of the storm, days of constant rain soaked and destroyed the remaining contents of couple's home, including the walls, floors, and furniture. Jeff and Ashlie fled thir home and didn't know where to begin with the massive repairs needed to fix their home. Enter disaster remediation specialists Ed, Enzo, and Joe, along with interior designer Kari, who rush in to help the young couple reclaim thier lives by rebuilding their home. They fix the roof, add on a new, and larger master bedroom, build a brand new back porch and transform the kitchen and living room. The local youth in the community even show up to help with the landscaping. The nightmare is over - and their dream home is a reality.


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