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Hurricane Sandy Renovation

Episode DCATI-107H

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  • September 16, 2014

    2:00 PM e/p

Hurricane Sandy was a storm unlike any other the Jersey shore had seen. This superstorm devastated the area and hit the small coastal town of Port Monmouth hard..leaving Dan and Maria Benbrook's home in shambles. The entire first level of the Benbrook's home was flooded with seawater and all contents were ruined...leaving them with nothing but a shell of a home. To make matters worse, Christmas is right around the corner and they want is to be in their home for the holidays. The Catastrophe Inc. team, Joe Charboneau, Ed Ranieri, Enzo Maddalena and Kari Openshaw comes to the rescue and remodels the entire first floor, giving the family a new kitchen, living room, and family room. With the help of an amazing community, the team pulls together a Christmas miracle for this police officer, his wife and three children.


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