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Q&A With Knickerbocker Group Experts (page 6 of 12)

Architectural designer Kimberly Tuttle and construction manager Marcus Golding, from the design-build group responsible for the renovation of Blog Cabin 2012, answer bloggers’ biggest questions.

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Q. What type of HVAC and hot water heating systems will be installed? Will there be a whole-house generator?

A. We are installing a high-efficiency propane direct-vent boiler, which will drive hydronic baseboard heat and provide domestic hot water. Maine does not have a robust natural gas infrastructure and is heavily reliant on heating oil. We typically convert our projects to propane as the high-efficiency boilers level the BTU difference between propane and oil, which has a higher BTU capacity per gallon than propane, but oil burners cannot burn as efficiently. There will also be some cooling provided by Mitsubishi split units in the Mega Dens family room and the master bedroom. These wall-hung units with condensers will be located on the home’s exterior. We do not currently have plans for a whole-house generator, but one can be tied into the electrical system at any time.