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Q&A With Knickerbocker Group Experts (page 4 of 12)

Architectural designer Kimberly Tuttle and construction manager Marcus Golding, from the design-build group responsible for the renovation of Blog Cabin 2012, answer bloggers’ biggest questions.

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Q. Are there plans for the basement? Has it been tested for the presence of radon gas?

A. The basement will remain as-is and would serve as a perfect space for storage or a wine cellar. We have not tested for radon. Typically radon in Maine is associated with ledge, which is not present at the home site. We are not required to test or provide abatement in a renovation, and since the area is not known for high levels of radon and there is no ledge present in the basement we did not feel it was necessary. Abatement systems can be installed at any time if a new owner is concerned about radon.