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The Blog Cabin 2012 team, including Knickerbocker Group experts Kimberly Tuttle and Marcus Golding, interior decorator Victoria Lesser and DIY Network's head of programming Steven Lerner answer fans' top questions about this year's home.

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Q. Are you going to weatherproof or add a dehumidifier in the basement?
A. No decision has been made yet, but we are in talks about this.

Q. Who owns the waterfront?
A. Whoever owns the house.

Q. Are those fruit trees we see around the house and barn?
A. There are some apple trees on the property.

Q. How many square feet is the barn? Does it feature water and electric? Will there be a guest space or storage space in the barn? Can the barn be used as a garage or storage for a lawn mower, etc.?
A. The barn does not presently feature electric or water. The barn can be used for lawn mower and general — but not car — storage. We will share square footage soon.

Q. Have you thought about adding a white picket fence to close up the backyard?
A. Not really. We like the look of fields flowing naturally to the water’s edge, and we didn’t want to break up the view.

Q. Did you remediate mold issues?
A. There are so many health issues associated with rot and mold that we would not be doing our jobs if we left something like that as is.

Q. Will a snow plow or snow blower be needed in the winter?
A. Yes, the owner will have to invest in snow removal equipment. Welcome to Maine!

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