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The Blog Cabin 2012 team, including Knickerbocker Group experts Kimberly Tuttle and Marcus Golding, interior decorator Victoria Lesser and DIY Network's head of programming Steven Lerner answer fans' top questions about this year's home.

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Q. What is the total square footage of Blog Cabin 2012?
A. 3,315.

Q. What will happen to the original door knocker?
A. It will remain as will other saved treasures from the home.

Q. It appeared at one point that there would be a window on the front of the house above the original front door location. Why did you close this off?
A. As you know, we ripped out the original staircase and designed and built an entirely new switchback staircase. Installing a window level with the other windows wouldn’t work, so we opted for a different front window placement. After we installed the window, we realized it didn’t work and removed it.

Q. At the front entrance, will there be cabinets for coats, boots, etc.?
A. Yes, there will be built-ins designed for coat and shoe storage as well as a place to sit and pull off winter boots and store them away.

Q. Could you share more information about the loft and the configuration of the spaces? What is the bonus room? Is the library still a library?
A. The Mega Dens team is transforming the bonus room into the ultimate movie and family fun center. The room adjacent to this area (formerly a bedroom) will become a library/office.

Q. What will go behind the guest suite on the second floor? Is there going to be a guest bathroom? Where does the second set of stairs go?
A. The entire space is being transformed into a guest suite, with close access to the upstairs bathroom. We removed the second set of stairs to make room for a larger kitchen and an improved guest suite.

Q. Will there be any linen closets in the home? Will there be a closet in the bunk room? Will there be built-in drawers in the master bedroom? The master bedroom closets look small/narrow in the pictures. Are they?
A. The master bedroom closets are quite spacious; the guest suite also features closets. The home will also feature handmade built-ins and storage furniture.

Q. What plans do you have for the old kitchen cabinets? If not used, will they be left in the barn for the new owners?
A. We are using parts of the old cabinets for some projects. Other salvageable and safe items will be stored in the barn.

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