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Cabin Comforts Giveaway

Cabin Comforts Giveaway

From plush robes to towel sets, vote up to ten times per day on these spa-inspired prizes.
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Floor Plans: Before and After

Blog Cabin 2014 Original Floor Plan

Awkward angles, small rooms + out-of-date features create a remodeling playground.
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Blog Cabin 2014: Moving the Home to Winter Haven

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Blog Cabin's Desperate Landscape
Blog Cabin 2014 Location Winter Haven Florida

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A note from Liz: I?d like to introduce you to managing editor Virg...

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A note from Liz: I?d like to introduce you to managing editor Virg...

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Blog Cabin is the groundbreaking multimedia experience based on a very simple idea: You Design It, We Build It, You Could Win It! This truly interactive series asks Internet users to vote on the design features for a real vacation getaway. Expert hosts from DIY Network series will be on hand to rebuild the 1920s lakeside house that will become a luxurious home for a lucky sweepstakes winner. Plus, a one-hour Blog Cabin special, hosted by tool expert Chris Grundy, will highlight the incredible transformation.


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  • Chris Grundy

    Blog Cabin 2014 Host

    Tool expert Chris Grundy highlights the transformation from beginning to end.

  • Jason Cameron


    Licensed contractor Jason Cameron turns once-hated rooms into dream spaces.

  • Alison Victoria

    Kitchen Crashers

    Interior designer Alison Victoria surprises shoppers and creates fabulous new kitchens.

  • Matt Muenster

    Bath Crashers

    Licensed contractor Matt Muenster shares amazing bathroom design tips.

  • Anitra Mecadon

    Mega Dens

    Interior designer Anitra Mecadon creates over-the-top rec-room sanctuaries.

  • Matt Blashaw

    Yard Crashers

    Licensed contractor Matt Blashaw ambushes homeowners and transforms their outdoor spaces.

  • Jake and Joel Moss


    Licensed contractors Jake and Joel Moss transform backyards in 48 hours.