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How To Build A Custom TV Lift

Learn how to build a TV lift discreetly tucked behind a fireplace mantel.

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Step 3: Select a Switch

As the wiring is a simple 12v positive and negative pair, all that is needed is a double pole double throw (DPDT) switch rated for 12v and 10 amps. Flip the switch up for TV up and flip the switch down for TV down. In this case, a stealthier installation was needed and a remote control unit was selected, which made wiring simpler as built-in relays provided the switch function and only two pairs of wires were required: 12v in and out. Be sure to determine the maximum amp draw for the selected linear actuator and also order a 12v wall plug transformer rated for 50 percent over the actuator amperage. In this case, a 10 amp transformer was required. Another benefit to this system is that all voltage beyond the wall outlet is 12v, making an easier and safer installation for most DIYers. If ever in doubt, be sure to employ a licensed electrician to handle the actual wiring. Depending on the location of the lift, an additional outlet located near the actuator may be required.



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