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Desperate Landscapes Meets Blog Cabin 2012

Episode DBLG-606H

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  • July 02, 2013

    9:30 AM e/p

  • July 03, 2013

    11:30 AM e/p

  • July 30, 2013

    9:30 AM e/p

  • July 31, 2013

    11:30 AM e/p

  • August 02, 2013

    1:30 PM e/p

Licensed contractor Jason Cameron brings the DIY Desperate Landscapes crew to Waldoboro, Maine to put the finishing touch on the 2012 Blog Cabin. Watch as Jason and Chris Grundy use everything from small pebbles to boulders and design the coolest and rockiest landscape we've ever created. From a raised berry bed made of recycled stone to a new cobblestone walkway and terrace, Jason combines America's votes with some amazing ideas that will bring this blog cabin landscape from worst to first on the block!

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