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Desperate Landscapes Heads to the Blog Cabin

Episode DBLG-706H

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  • September 02, 2013

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Licensed Contractor Jason Cameron and more than dozen contractors and landscapers invade Blog Cabin to work alongside host Chris Grundy to transform the seaside yard into something amazing! Jason's main goal is to connect the beach landscape to the house using natural materials and native plants. And since this will be an incredible vacation retreat, Jason's plan focuses on everything being easy to care for and easy to enjoy. An old, rotted grape arbor gets torn down and a huge, new pergola constructed from reclaimed wood takes its place. The area includes seating and tables perfect for a glass of wine and a chance to enjoy the ocean front sunsets. And of course a Desperate Landscapes makeover wouldn't be complete without a truckload of plants! Everything from wax myrtles to amazing Snow White hawthornes will make this landscape a dream come true for any winner!

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