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Blog Cabin 2013: Q&A With Dylan Eastman (page 5 of 6)

Our project manager answers questions posed by fans of DIY Network’s favorite interactive series.

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Q. Were there any interesting objects unearthed during excavation?
A. Not as many as I had hoped. Under the house, we did find an old turpentine bottle. Inside the house, we found old newspaper print stuck to framing that was installed during the second floor add-on; however, I could not find any dates on it.

Q. Can you tell us more about the home’s security system and smart features?
A. For safety reasons, I cannot spell out the exact security system in place on-site. We did wire the house for any combination of systems the future owner may wish. The smart features include multizone programmable heating and cooling systems with remotes, remote-controlled lighting, whole-house DVR systems and a central audio system.

Q. Will a drawing or map of the grounds be provided to the winner detailing where all of the underground drains, septic system, electric lines, etc., are so they won't have any little gotchas later?
A. Yes, we will have an as-built site plan.

Q. In case of hurricanes, which room in the home is the safest space to hide in?
A. We like to say the whole house. But the safest space in an extreme event would be the kitchen. It is located near the main load-bearing center beam, features intersecting interior walls and is away from perimeter doors and windows, and protected on all sides. And hey, what better place to grab a snack or beverage while riding out a storm?